Phonic Fun

Using the Jolly Phonics approach, our Early Years students learn about the alphabet, letter sound, blending words and sequencing letters A-Z.

Time Detectives

As our new IPC unit ‘Time Detectives’ starts, our students become archaeologists to dig deep beneath the playground surface in search of some treasures.

Size & Shapes

Our students in Early Years explore different size and shapes through construction materials and creative activities.

International Mindedness

As part of our curriculum, Nordic students develop International Mindedness by having a skype chat with their friends in Mongolia. The students share their pictures and experiences with each other.

What’s It Made Of

In our IPC unit ‘What’s It Made Of’ our students use recycled plastic bottles to make different things like candy jars, their friends’ faces etc.


In their exit point of ‘Pillars of Islam’, our students made the Hajj model with recycled material and demonstrated the stages of Hajj to Nordic staff.

Nordic Logo

For the Entry Point of the unit ‘What's It Made Of’, our students made a sculpture of Nordic logo using the recycled materials.

Patterns of Clouds

We let our students in Early Years explore different shapes and patterns of clouds. Students then make clouds with salt and shaving foam.

Hand Whisk

Primary students make their own hand whisks in their International Primary Curriculum lesson.