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Nordic International School Lahore is offering classes from Playgroup to O Levels. We follow the UK-based International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Middle Years Programme preparing our students for Cambridge International Examinations. We provide a calm and safe study environment that favors learning and hard work, with a focus on knowledge, skills, discipline, and academic progress. We offer a unique curriculum that combines Nordic approaches to child development in the early years with the academic rigour of the English schooling system. Our methods are grounded in rigorous research on what works to generate the best possible student outcomes. With a strong focus on the acquisition of important social-emotional and creative skills, we prepare students for life in an increasingly complex and globalized world.

The Nordic Influence

The Nordic Influence

The Nordic countries are known to be amongst the best countries in the world in terms of education, entrepreneurship, economic competitiveness and quality of life. At Nordic International School in Lahore, we take advantage of our background and use effective teaching practices developed in the Nordic countries.

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Nordic Schools


Nordic International School Norrköping

The school is located in downtown Norrköping, currently has 280 students in years 4-9 and is led by Principal Mr Samuel Ekeblom and his staff. The school was founded in the fall of 2017.

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Primary Year

Nordic International School Karlstad

The school is located in newly renovated facilities on Orrhomsgatan 4 in Karlstad, currently has 180 students in years 4-9 and is led by Principal Mr Emil Wallin and his staff. The school was founded in the fall of 2018.

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‘Middle Years

Nordic International School Trollhättan

The school is located in newly renovated facilities on Lasarettsvägen 11 in Trollhättan, currently has 140 students in years 4-8 and is led by Principal Mr Pierre Åkerblom and his staff. The school was founded in the fall of 2019.

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‘Middle Years

Nordic International School Kalmar

Nordic International School Kalmar will open in the Nisbeth house in the fall of 2020. Initially, applications will be open for years 4–7, with years 8–9 opening as the accepted pupils get older.

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Nordic Programme

Our Programmes

Early Years

Preschool Programme

In our Preschool Programme we use best international practices, holistic enquiry and play-based approaches for 2 to 5 year olds.
Playgroup to KG

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Primary Year

Primary School Programme

Our Primary Programme is a comprehensive, thematic, blended curriculum for 5 to 10 year olds (Grade 1 to 5).
Year 1 to Year 5

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‘Middle Years

Middle School Programme

Our Middle Years Programme is a challenging, internationally-minded and concept-focused curriculum for 10 to 13 year olds (Grade 6 to 8).
Year 6 to Year 8

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O Levels

O Levels Programme

Our O Levels Programme is focused on laying the foundation of the subject areas by ensuring a great clarity in the understanding of academic concepts and preparing students for the Cambridge International Examinations.
O1 – O3

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We’re The Stars of Tomorrow…

Activity-Based Learning

Activity-Based Learning

We make learning fun for our students by allowing them to explore and practically get involved in an activity by promoting hands-on learning.

State-of-the-Art Campus

State-of-the-Art Campus

Our purpose-built school campus is set according to highest international standards to provide a perfect learning environment for students.

Nordic Global Network of Sister-Schools

Global Network of Sister-Schools

We currently have 12 sister schools in the Nordic Countries. We take advantage of our global network and use effective teaching practices developed in the Nordic countries.

International Team & Leadership

International Team & Leadership

Our highly qualified senior leadership is responsible for maintaining high-quality standards according to best international practices.

Rigorous Teacher Training

Extra-Curricular Activities

We organize various events such as Sports Day, Winter Carnival, Annual Play, Exit Points and Summer Camp, throughout the academic year.

Parents’ Involvement

Parents’ Involvement

We keep our parents involved through Class Dojo app, Exit Points, Parenting Workshops, PTMs, Family Activities and Term Newsletters.

What Parents Say

“Our children have become more interactive. They are developing friendships in class and outside the class.”
“The level of confidence in my son has increased through expressing what he has learnt in class. He is exploring things outside of the school. He even helps clean up at home.”
“They have started communicating in English Language and their speech is becoming more clear.”
“My child is excited about coming to school. She even wants to be at school on Saturdays.”
“Our children want to work at home. The school has developed independent and interested learning among them.”
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“Nordic International School is one of the best things which ever happened to us. A school which fosters an environment that nurtures the child on all levels, so much so that they don’t want to miss a single day of school! And that’s what perhaps every parent wants, his child to come back home happy! Nordic is a school with a great philosophy and a school with a soul!”

Samar Hashmi

“The Nordic International School’s management does not just sit in their offices; they are present in the classrooms, they are involved with the students and provide one to one counseling without any formal appointments and protocol.The curriculum encourages Activity/Project Based Learning which fosters Critical Thinking Skills in the children – a major 21st Century learning requirement.”

Mehr J. Agha

“Teachers and staff who are well-equipped with the required potential, vibrant parent-teacher association along with visible improvement in Shaahmeen- her speaking skills, her core values and her growing love for Nordic makes me feel content that she is in safe hands!”

Nimra Zain

“I am thoroughly satisfied with Nordic as I can see a remarkable difference in Eshaal’s knowledge, confidence, and social skills. Another aspect of Nordic is that each child has the full attention of the teachers and the whole school is involved in the learning and observing process. I recommend Nordic International School to all parents who want quality education for their children.”

Aamer Jameel
“The teachers at Nordic are amazing. They genuinely love the children in their class. Good schools are built on the foundation of deep and genuine care for the students. Nordic has a solid foundation.”
Dr. Adnan Zahid
“For quite some time we had been looking for an institution that would work on developing the child’s personality in a positive manner as well as provide quality education. I’m happy to say that we’ve found all that and more in Nordic International School.”
Sara Majid
“As the parent of one of earliest students of NIS, I was very apprehensive whether it was the right decision to move our kids to a new school with a totally different methodology of teaching. But now I feel we made the right decision when I see my kids happy and progressing. The system of ‘ learning by doing’ is much superior and long lasting than the ‘traditional route of learning’.”
Arzinda Fatima

“Passionate, hard-working and goal-driven, are the three traits that best describe the Nordic International School’s management and teachers. It’s rare that you find such a unique education system which focuses on personalized learning that is run by highly committed professionals. We see significant improvements in our child both academically and socially and are delighted to see her jump off the bed and go to school with enthusiasm.”

Khalid Faisal
“I had been doing an extensive and hopeless search for a good school for my son, until I came across Nordic. Just seeing the custom built campus was a pleasure after visiting so many schools opened up in residential buildings. The Principal gave us a complete tour of the school and made sure to answer all our questions. The enrolment process couldn’t have been smoother. My son is having an amazing time and I highly recommend Nordic to all parents.”
Ayesha Ahmed

“As parents, we enjoy the involvement and the fact that our son is able to learn and grow in a safe, creative environment. Teachers are able to cope and give enough attention to every child. We are kept updated about classroom activities through the class dojo application. I was also very happy to receive a fairly detailed report during his first ever parent teacher meeting about his progress and development according to their early-learners syllabus.”

Nada Ahmed

“Nordic International School focuses on whole child experiential development, and it truly understands and implements Project Based Learning beyond just a buzzword. Their staff is exceptionally cooperative and always available to discuss any concerns of any kind. I love that the school doesn’t have a closed door policy like most other schools in the area but encourages parent involvement and feedback. Coming from abroad, both my children and I found Nordic to be a breath of fresh air and highly recommend to any concerned parent looking for a better school for their child.”

Salma Merrit

“My son was very shy when he started the school. But now he knows how to socialize and communicate with others. Teachers at Nordic International School make the child’s learning so joyful. I cannot believe how happy and confident he has become.”

Nimra Omair

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Nordic International School Lahore is an International Award Winning School in Pakistan, offering classes from Playgroup to O Levels.

    Our purpose-built campus is located at 2-E/3, Main Boulevard, Gulberg 3, Lahore.

    We follow the UK-based International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Middle Years Programme preparing our students for Cambridge International Examinations.

    We are a strong award winning community of happy students, teachers and parents. Our unique balance between acquiring knowledge and learning skills, makes us different.

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