Parents Involvement

Nordic International School keeps the parents involved in all the school activities.

  • We use an interactive communication tool called ClassDojo to keep parents updated on a regular basis. The application gives parents access to learning activities, photographs, their children’s daily performance and school based information. ClassDojo also has a messaging portal that parents can use to keep regular contact with the school.
  • We arrange Effective Parenting Workshops regularly, where we share useful tips with parents that aid them in the growth of their child at home.
  • We invite parents to Exit Points of each unit for both Early Years and Primary. At these Exit Points, students present their work and explain about the unit. In Primary Years, the students also lead an activity where parents are supposed to complete a task.
  • We arrange Parent Teacher Meetings at the end of each term, where teachers share feedback with parents about their child’s performance and behavior.
  • We call parents for various family activities as well. These activities vary from participating in a classroom activity with the child to as simply reading a book with them.

We Are Here For The Parents

Parents Reviews

“We explore more, we create more, we just love Nordic! You guys are the best team ever!”

KHUDEJA, Mustafa’s Mom

“Increased Vocabulary, slight increase in confidence and has become more independent.”

NADA, Nael’s Mom
“He has become more vocal, confident and social since he started attending Nordic. He has made great friends too.”

AYESHA, Saim’s Mom
“They have become very social and observant. They ask logical questions, stay happy most of the times.”

SAOOD, Zara and Khadija’s Dad

“They have shown more interest in learning things outside the normal curriculum. Fine motor skills have also improved.”

ELEANOR, Sofia and Nathan’s Mom

“Degree of curiosity has increased and so has the interest in learning.”

MAJID, Shahveer and Azlan’s Dad

Our classrooms are ClassDojo powered

Nordic classrooms are ClassDojo powered

Creates a positive culture

Gives voice to students

Teachers share moments with parents

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