Students Personal Development

We support personal development from the point of entry onwards via a structured approach that recognizes that each student will have a different set of aspirations and requirements. Personal development has been the core of the school offering. Many parents have seen a noticeable difference in their children after they have joined the Nordic International School, Lahore.

To promote this development, we use methods like daily observations where the teacher takes down daily notes about the child. The compiled observation gives a fair idea about the child’s development across different learning goals.

We offer students a wide variety of after-school clubs that stimulates students’ social, physical, and intellectual abilities through participation in activities with their school peers.

We actively provide the students with opportunities to express their ideas and creativity in forms of projects that they present in front of their parents and classmates.

The aim is to raise children to be independent learners, exploring their surroundings at an early age and to maintain that level of curiosity as they move forward in their academic careers.

The Nordic Student

We Are Here For The Children

Student Testimonials

“Nordic makes me feel like I am part of something special. It teaches us in a different and fun way. I feel like Nordic is my family.”

Iman Umar
“Nordic education is perfect as they encourage the kids to have fun with education.”

Aarib Aaqib Latif
“My favourite thing about Nordic is doing a lot of projects in IPC and explaining everything on exit points.”

Maheen Ihtesham
“I love Nordic because teachers are good, because they have arts, because they have fun. It is the best school in the world.”

Raiha Anees
“My favourite thing about Nordic is that it is real fun, real playing and real projects.”

Abeeha Kamran
“I enjoy the friendships and the P.E lessons, and the way of learning.”

Shahveer Munir
“My favourite thing at Nordic is ClassDojo, because we get points and it keeps us motivated.”

Ali Moazzam
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