Afterschool Clubs

Afterschool Clubs Ignite your child's curiosity with Nordic International School’s After school Clubs. From gardening and gymnastics to music and sports, our clubs offer a kaleidoscope of choices. Our carefully curated programs cater to diverse interests, ensuring every student finds their niche.

World Children’s Day

World Children's Day The World Children's Day celebrations at Nordic International School was a day of Action for the children and by the children. From Preschool to O - Levels our students raised their voices on issues that matter to them, ranging from Saving the Planet to Mental and Physical Wellbeing.

Community Service

Community Service At Nordic International School, Lahore we believe in empowering our students to make a positive impact, our school embraces community service as a core value. From student-led initiatives to collaborative projects, our students and staff contributed to the community, fostering a culture of kindness, compassion, and social awareness.

Preschool Graduation

Preschool Graduation Preschool Graduation Day at Nordic International School, Lahore is a day of immense pride and celebration. Immerse yourself in the joyous moments of celebration as our little stars shine bright in their graduation glory.

Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Day Nordic International School's Sports Day is one its kind where every child gets an opportunity to participate in different physical activities, along with parents and staff. At Nordic, every child is a winner in his/her own capacity and that is what we celebrate on our Sports Day. 

Winter Carnival Celebrations

Winter Carnival Celebrations Our Winter Carnival is a fun-filled day full of exciting games, delicious food, and beautiful smiles. The teachers, parents and students actively participate to make it a perfect way of celebrating the winter season. Winter Carnival 2023 Winter Carnival 2020

School Excursions

School Excursions Nordic International School arranges excursions for their students that help them in further clearing their concepts related to the classroom learning. This year the Preschool and Grade 1 students visited the Lahore Zoo, and the Primary students visited the Walled City.

Exit Point

Exit Point Our Exit Points are a celebration of students' learning at the end of each IEYC and IPC units. We invite parents to see students' displays and presentations, and be part of their learning activities.

Campus and Facilities

Campus and Facilities Our campus in New Muslim Town, Lahore provides a range of facilities and features that enhance students’ learning and experiences. The building is a modern refurbishment and has both local and Nordic influences, aimed at creating a quality learning environment. Classrooms are not only inspiring but also designed to

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